With all the chaos surrounding the Coronavirus many people are searching for a natural antiviral medication.

At MedLink we use Engystol for symptomatic patients and preventative treatment for viral infections. Many Antiviral medications on the market have negative side effects while Engystol is safe for the whole family and has no known drug interactions!

What is it?

Engystol is a homeopathic used in tablet form or as an injectable and contains just two main active ingredients. Engystol has scientifically proven antiviral effects on a range of respiratory viruses including Influenza, Rhinovirus, and RSV.

How does it work?

Engystol acts by stimulating hosts’ defense mechanisms to help fight off infection. Testing has shown Engystol stimulates the phagocytic ability (the ability to ingest microbes) of cells by up to 33%! These phagocytic cells are our first line of defense in the lungs for viral respiratory infections.

We offer these injectables in office or at home as mobile medicine.

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