Did you know that 1-3% of your body weight is from microorganism living in and on your body?
Trillions of bacteria inhabit your colon and are vital for your health. They provide micronutrients like Vitamin K and new research shows the gut microbiota influences mental health!
We influence these microorganisms with every bite we take. Whether we’re feeding the health-promoting or disease-promoting microorganisms depends on what we’re eating.
How can we repay the favor and keep our microbiota happy?
1. Stock on dietary sources of prebiotics
Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are loaded with fiber which cannot be digested by us, but is a staple food for our healthy gut bacteria.
2. Cut back on sugar
Excess simple sugars can starve off our good bacteria and send signals for them to leave town. Sugar can also increase inflammation of the gut and feed yeast like Candida.
3. Pick up some fermented foods
Fermented foods act as a probiotic and deliver a great source of good bacteria to the gut. These foods include kombucha, pickles, kimchi, and yogurt.
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