Stop Stressing!

Do you want a stronger Immune system? Well stop stressing!
Seriously! Chronic stress is associated with immune system suppression.
This was first studied in humans in 1982 through 1992 when pioneer researchers studied medical students during their three-day exam period and found that test takers had fewer natural killer cells and T-cells which are involved in fighting infections. This opened a floodgate of research which confirmed over and over again the ravaging effects of chronic stress.
Here are some proven ways to reduce stress that you can implement today:
Exercise : running or walking a few times a week can boost mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and combat depression
Yoga: A practice at least once a week has been shown to reduce cortisol levels.
Meditation and mindfulness : There is so much research in this area! Meditation can bring more mindfulness to the present moment and reduce anxiety. Studies have found that it can actually change how your brain is wired!
Nature: Regular walks in green spaces can increase your resilience to stress.