Regenerative Medicine

Medlink Health Solutions provides natural injection therapies to decrease pain and improve function to damaged joints and soft tissue. These therapies give athletes of all ages the option to avoid surgery and in many cases make a full recovery which will improve both your game and quality of life. 

Injection therapies for pain are nothing new. Anti-inflammatory medications such as cortisone shots or other pharmaceutical drugs are commonly used to mask pain; however, they also suppress the body’s natural healing mechanisms.So, while many will feel significant pain relief, it is only temporary, and the original cause of the pain remains. 

At MedLink, we take a different approach. By Using Natural Injection Therapies Coupled with Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound technology, we can accurately diagnose and treat ligament, tendon, muscle, or joint injuries in real time. When vital nutrients are introduced to an area of the body otherwise lacking due to age or injury, they activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Our naturopathic approach provides long lasting results for patients of all ages by addressing the body as a whole and pain at its source. Most Patients report pain relief almost instantly, and in some cases resolves completely, mitigating the need for surgical & pharmaceutical intervention. Be one of the millions living life pain free with regenerative medicine.