Liquid Allograft

Do your knees hurt when you run? Do you have shoulder pain while you’re playing with your kids? At Medlink we have multiple tools for getting you out of pain and enjoying the activities you love. We do this through regenerative medicine, these are tools that help to regrow damaged structures getting to the root cause of the pain. A tool we will be highlighting today is liquid allograft.

Liquid allograft injections are a 100% natural, steroid-free option to help your body regenerate tissue, reduce pain, and lower inflammation. It is derived from the amniotic fluid within the placenta. Amniotic fluid is rich in over 200 growth factors and cytokines that signal your body to begin tissue repair- depositing brand-new stem cells into the area of concern. Amniotic fluid also contains important building blocks for tissues such as collagen, elastin, and increases the production of hyaluronic acid that helps to lubricate joints.  One injection is usually performed for optimal results, sometime a few are needed depending on the severity of the injury. If you have been told that surgery is your only option to relieve your pain amniotic allograft injections may be a safe, effective, and non-steroidal option for you to consider. Below are the conditions liquid allograft injections can help with.

Degenerative joint disorders such as:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint pain

Inflammatory conditions such as:

  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Fasciitis

Soft tissue injuries such as:

  • Ligament & Tendon sprains
  • Knee Issues
  • Muscle & Meniscus tears