10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar


  1. Blood Sugar: Excess sugar consumption may cause insulin resistance, which can cause adverse impacts on blood sugar health.
  2. Heart Health: An abundance of sugar in the diet is linked to negative effects on heart health, even those within a healthy weight range.
  3. Cellular Health: Numerous studies have shown sugar and high insulin levels are associated with insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which can negatively impact cellular health.
  4. Higher Triglycerides: Eating a high sugar and high carb diet may raise triglycerides, which is a better predictor of heart health than total cholesterol.
  5. Faster Aging: Sugar in the blood attaches to proteins and causes AGE (Advanced glycation end products). These stressors cause oxidative stress in the body and can adversely affect skin health and appearance.
  6. Digestive Health: Too much sugar may cause a strong disruption in gut flora balance, which may negatively impact GI health.
  7. Impaired Learning: A diet high in sugar and processed foods may impair memory, the ability to learn, and a reduction in IQ later in life.
  8. Tooth Decay: Sugar is the number one cause of tooth decay and tooth removal.
  9. Respiratory Health: Children who drink more than ½ liter of soft drinks are more likely to suffer from complications with respiratory health.
  10. Weight Management: Sugar drives insulin, the fat-storing hormone. Fructose and sucrose do not affect satiety and, therefore, some may continue to eat and drink beyond what the body requires.