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Joint Pain Relief

Why Regenerative Medicine

Did you know that after you sustain an injury, in most cases, your body doesn’t completely heal back to 100%? That is why some individuals still experience pain months, years, or even decades after their injury. When using regenerative medicine in the form of orthobiologics, your body is given the extra nutrients and guidance needed to to further the overall healing process. Orthobiologics utilize concentrated, natural growth factors and proteins to assist the body in repairing itself, all the while providing pain relief at the source. By performing only top-quality therapies, using the latest advancements in medical technology, and personalized treatment plans catered to your lifestyle, you can trust that the experienced team at MedLink Health Solutions will guide you personally to a higher quality of life. 

How it works

Orthobiologics are commonly used to repair damaged soft tissues caused by age, injury, or disease and for those who live more active lifestyles, can also be used as preventative medicine to avoid future injuries by keeping joints healthy and functioning properly. When vital nutrients are introduced to an area of the body otherwise lacking, cells and tissues are stimulated to begin restoring structure and function to damaged soft tissues while reducing pain and inflammation. To ensure we hit our mark and deliver the medication directly to the injured joint, ligament, or tendon, all orthobiologics therapies are performed using advanced ultrasound guided technology. After your orthobiologic therapy is complete, your physician will go over our unique post-care program which was designed as a signature solution to advancing overall healing and repair.

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Common Conditions

Ligament Tears


Sprain / Strains


Chronic Joint Pain

Sports Injuries


Plantar Fasciitis

Therapy Benefits

Avoid Joint Replacement

Fast Recovery Time

Improved Joint Function

Minimally Invasive Therapy

Increased Range of Motion

Reduces Inflammation & Pain

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Our Commitment

  • We treat our patients as family
  • Your health is our first priority
  • Honesty & integrity are our foundation
  • Compassionate care with every visit
  • Knowledgeable & experienced physicians
  • Personalized treatments & therapies
  • Real, noticeable results that last

Joint Pain Solutions


Depending on age, current state of health along with the type and severity of an injury, your body’s cells may not be enough to heal and repair that injury on their own. With regenerative joint therapy, your body is given the additional nutrients it needs for a better healing outcome. We use Orthobiologics, products specifically formulated to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction. Orthobiologics contain an abundance of growth factors and cytokines that have been concentrated down to be much stronger and more diverse when administered into a specific area. Orthobiologics provide effective solutions to decreasing inflammation, reducing pain, and promoting better joint functionality, especially when paired with ozone therapy. Our personalized treatments and therapies will allow you to get back to doing the things you love, pain-free. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a minimally invasive process that is a great option for safely healing joint pain and other damaged soft tissues. Recent technological advances allow us to expedite your body’s healing process by extracting, concentrating, and reintroducing a small amount of your own blood into the injured area in the form of plasma. There is virtually no risk of infection or rejection because your own blood is being used to stimulate your body to begin healing. PRP has proved effective in reducing inflammation and repairing various ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other injuries related to joint pain. 

Sports Injuries
Acute Inflammation
Joint Degeneration

With every regenerative therapy, ultrasound is our guide. Ultrasounds are not only for seeing your tiny, loved ones make their first appearance. They are incredibly useful in regenerative medicine because the ultrasound allows for a full view of the moving joint in real time. Unlike an x-ray or MRI that shows a still moment, ultrasound allows us to see the exact source of your pain and the movements that cause it, taking out all the guess work. Our team carefully pinpoints the injury to properly treat you, so you are well on your way to returning to living pain-free.


Post-Care Therapy

The first four-six weeks following your regenerative therapy are vital. At MedLink Health Solutions, we’ve developed our signature program with physician-specific therapies, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations formulated to help you achieve the best results.

You will continue to meet with your physician periodically over the next four-six weeks for additional therapy after your Orthobiologic procedure has been completed. Our post-care therapy will greatly increase your body’s ability to heal and repair damaged soft tissues more completely and at a faster rate.

MedLink's Approach
  • STEP 1: To get started, contact our office to schedule your Joint Pain consultation today.

  • STEP 2: During your consultation you and your physician will determine which therapies are best for you.

  • STEP 3: A comprehensive ultrasound diagnosis is performed in office to determine the type and severity of your injury.

  • STEP 4: All Orthobiologic injections are administered under ultrasound guidance for pin point accuracy.

  • STEP 5: You will meet with your physician periodically over the next four-six weeks for additional therapy.

  • STEP 6: you will meet with your physician at re-evaluate you overall progress 90 days following your first injection.

  • STEP 7: Be active, be preventative, become a MedLink member and save on services, supplements, and consultations.