Panda Welch

As your doctor’s assistant, I promise to keep your individual health & wellness as my top priority. I understand the frustrations of traditional healthcare and I’ve never been too fond of parts of that system myself. This is why I pledge to uphold the MedLink standards of authentic patient care and knowledge – to make sure you get the most out of your health experience. By charting detailed notes during consultations, I allow patients the undivided attention and presence of your doctor. As your concierge assistant, I promise to be patient, available, and creative while helping to guide you along in areas such as food and environmental re-education. At MedLink, we are committed to your success and we’re excited to track your progress. Whether it be monitoring blood pressure and vitals or providing extra comfort during a regenerative procedure, I promise to remain professional, ethical and detail-oriented. With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, I promise to utilize skills such as quality control and time management in your health and wellness adventure. In addition, I promise never to judge anyone that I encounter. The good Lord has blessed me by way of an incredible family that brought me up with deep roots in honesty and integrity, as well as a love for nature, food, and love itself. My MedLink family is also fueled by God, as we are humble servants that founded the company with our patients’ wellbeing in mind. By combining all of these elements with education in traditional, naturopathic, and regenerative medicine, I vow to be on your team and to welcome you to our MedLink family with open arms.