Panda Welch

I understand the frustrations of traditional healthcare and this is why I chose to be a part of MedLink, where we’re raising the standard and putting an emphasis on patient care. We’re fixing the broken system. I spent nearly two decades in the hospitality industry, learning how people work, the essence of multitasking, time management, and the trueness of quality over quantity. I promise to help you along your health journey with such skills and to provide the space for you and your physician to truly connect and formulate your treatment plans. The good Lord has blessed me by way of an incredible family that brought me up with deep roots, a love for nature, food, and love itself. Our MedLink family is fueled by God, we are humble servants and founded the company with our patients’ wellbeing in mind. By combining all of these elements with education in traditional, naturopathic, and regenerative medicine, I vow to be on your team and to welcome you to our MedLink family with open arms.