Ryan Welch

Driven by an unwavering belief in the power of alternative medicine, my journey is a promise to you. With both personal and professional insights, I’m dedicated to offering accessible and impactful solutions, ensuring your journey to wellness is exceptional. My dietary upbringing mirrored many, founded on the teachings and conveniences of what we call today, the Standard American Diet. When health hurdles inevitably emerged, I discovered the transformative realm of alternative medicine; a turning point that reshaped my path. Witnessing the remarkable shifts naturopathic medicine brought to my life, I embarked on a new career trajectory in the realm of holistic healthcare.

Since 2015, I’ve collaborated with visionary physicians, crafting strategies that empower them to dedicate time, truly listen, and diagnose patients accurately. This commitment to patient-centered care has fueled my purpose. At MedLink, our promise is unwavering: you’ll receive not just medical attention, but time, respect, and a personalized approach that celebrates naturopathic and regenerative medicine at its finest. Let’s journey together toward a healthier, vibrant you.