Ryan Welch

As a passionate advocate for alternative medicine, I promise to use my personal and professional experiences to provide effective and available options, ensuring that you receive the very best in personalized patient care. Growing up like most Americans, eating and drinking a diet consisting of eating out at restaurants and convenience foods, I inevitably ran into health complications, which forced me to look for health solutions. That’s when I was introduced to alternative medicine and everything changed. After experiencing firsthand the miracles of naturopathic medicine and the life-changing impact it had on my health, I decided to shift career paths and began to work in the field of alternative health care. Since 2015, I have worked with some highly skilled physicians in strategizing and implementing procedure and protocols which allowed them to spend more time with their patients, ultimately giving them an opportunity to truly listen to their symptoms and diagnose accurately. My promise to you is that our MedLink professionals will always give you the time, respect, and professional care you deserve while providing the best in naturopathic concierge and regenerative medicine.