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By combining Naturopathic and Regenerative medicine, personalized programs are developed integrating hormone optimization, diet and lifestyle management, and nutritional support to further enhance joint pain relief outcomes. This unique and holistic approach provides the additional support the body needs to improve joint pain and function for active individuals alike.



Systemic Inflammation

A hidden gem that’s rising in popularity, ozone therapy provides a multitude of additional benefits including relieving pain and inflammation, detoxifying the body, antiviral and antibacterial abilities, wound healing, and more. It’s often paired with other treatments or as a preventative measure and is often the solution for patients when conventional medicine has failed them.

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Regenerative Medicine for

Joint Pain

Regenerative medicine in the form of injectable orthobiologics provides solutions for joint injuries and chronic pain. Your body naturally begins to heal itself after an injury, but sometimes it’s not quite capable of completing the healing process on its own. Orthobiologics give your body the extra healing power that it needs. Sports injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, and more–orthobiologics may be your solution.

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True healing begins with a physician who authentically understands the biological principles of what good health is. At MedLink Health Solutions, we accomplish whole body wellness by evaluating you from the inside out: we listen to your goals, your concerns, and create a customized health plan built around you. With comprehensive blood work and ultrasound diagnostics, we help the body to heal and repair itself naturally.  We are a results-driven practice, no matter how far away the finish line appears to be, we cross it together.

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Dr. Samantha Ramanan

Naturopathic Physician/Co-Founder

Ryan Welch


Panda Welch

Medical Assistant


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“Quick and painless”

I had injured my wrist in the gym and after months of pain and discomfort, a friend told me about regenerative medicine. I contacted MedLink and they were very kind, knowledgeable, and able to get me in for a free consult fast. A week later, I had the procedure done, it was quick and painless. I followed the post-treatment instructions and after a few weeks, I was feeling great. It has been over a year now and my wrist feels stronger than ever. Thanks, Dr. Sam.

Brian B.

“It felt like a miracle.”

The allograft nebulizer was a total life saver! I came to MedLink because my breathing limited my physical activities and I am an active outdoors woman. It would sometimes take me up to 30 min to catch my breath and recover after just a light hike. I tried the nebulizer a month before an elk hunt and didn’t realize how well I was feeling until we were hiking up a mountain and the guys had to take a break before I did. It took me all of 5 minutes to catch my breath before I had to tell them “come on, let’s go!” It felt like a miracle! Thanks, MedLink.

Kelly T.

“Very Professional”

I contacted MedLink Health Solutions for my annual physical and some blood work. I found the staff to be very professional. Dr. Sam was great, she took the time to explain everything the blood work was going to key in on. When the test came back, she sat down with me and explained the results, making sure I understood everything. She also suggested a few lifestyle changes that would be beneficial to me. I’ll just say this, the whole team there was very professional and caring.

Bill W.

“Not one-size-fits-all medicine!”

Dr. Sam helped me overcome longstanding fatigue. I’m a workaholic, and she helped me figure out how I can make beneficial lifestyle modifications within the limitations of my job and family life. She does not do one-size-fits-all medicine! She tailored a program just for me, and I haven’t felt this energized, focused, and balanced in at least a decade.

Kurt V.

“I was able go back to work pain free.” 

For work, I do a lot of lifting. I hurt my right arm real bad and couldn’t lift it above my shoulder. I worked through the pain and thought it was just a part of getting older. Over time, my arm got worse and I couldn’t work. I went to MedLink Health Solutions and Dr. Sam, and in one PRP treatment, I was able to go back to work pain free and without limitations on my arm at work. Dr. Sam diagnosed me and injected me in one visit with ultrasound. I would recommend Dr. Sam for any joint injury.

Mary M.

“I avoided surgery”

I came to Dr. Ramanan for a torn rotator cuff tear and all my primary doctor could offer me was pain killers and surgery. Not only was Dr. Ramanan professional and compassionate, but she took the time to explain why I was in so much pain and how my own body could heal! Who knew I could heal at my age! Although I was very nervous, the  procedure was easy and Dr. Ramanan took the time to make sure I was comfortable. After only two procedures, I have zero pain and can actually comb my hair now with my right arm. I am so grateful that I could avoid surgery. Highly recommended.

Priscilla P.

“Specific to my complex needs”

Two years after first meeting Dr. Sam and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in my whole life. She’s been my number one ally in making that happen, not just due to her depth of body wisdom, but a commitment to figuring out the best treatments for me that is unparalleled in my over 50 years of experience with doctors and medicine.  She is the first doctor I’ve ever met who treats me as a whole system, not just parts. Had I not met her at that crucial time, I don’t know if I’d been able to heal as well as I did. That dedication is invaluable in a physician. I now know what healthcare should be for everyone.

Susan F.

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