Regenerative Pre-Treatment

Preparing for

Regenerative Orthobiologics


Guidelines for Pre-Treatment Preparation

At MedLink Health Solutions, your well-being takes center stage. To ensure your regenerative orthobiologic therapy delivers exceptional results, we’ve mapped out these practical steps for your convenience. Embracing these recommendations primes your body for heightened healing and maximum relief. If you have any questions about regenerative medicine or the guidelines outlined below, don’t hesitate to connect with a MedLink professional before moving forward.

The Week Prior to Your Treatment
  • Discontinue Anti-Inflammatories: Refrain from using anti-inflammatory medications like Aleve, Aspirin, and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for 7-14 days before your scheduled treatment.
  • Blood-Thinning Agents: Pause non-essential blood-thinning agents, such as Vitamin E and Omega-3s, as well as prescription medications that promote bleeding or bruising for 7-14 days before and after treatment. It’s wise to consult your physician for any prescription-related adjustments.
  • Corticosteroids: If you’re on corticosteroids, consult your physician for guidance on discontinuing usage at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Reduce Sugars and Processed Foods: Start cutting back on sugar and processed foods, as they suppress the immune system. This preparation paves the way for a sugar-free period after treatment.
  • Stay Hydrated: Aim for a daily intake of at least 60 ounces of clean water to optimize hydration and support the healing process.




On the Day of Your Treatment
  • Nourish Your Body: Fuel up with lean proteins, organic fruits, and vegetables before your treatment. This provides your body with essential nutrients to facilitate its natural healing mechanisms.
  • Plan for Rest: After treatment, limit physical activity to enable your body to focus on healing. Your physician will provide recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.
  • Driver Arrangement: Consider arranging for a driver if needed, especially if you anticipate any discomfort. This ensures your safety and comfort, particularly if the treated area is sensitive.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine: Enhance the effectiveness of regenerative tissue therapy by refraining from alcohol and caffeine consumption for 72 hours before and after treatment.




**Special Considerations**

Our experienced MedLink professionals may advise against regenerative therapy in certain cases, such as:

  • If you develop a fever, cold or flu; start to notice any blemish, rash, open wound, or infection in or near the area to be treated. We request that you contact MedLink Health Solutions as soon as possible to discuss and possibly reschedule your treatment(s). We will not administer any regenerative treatments while your body is experiencing a healing crisis.
  • If you are a tobacco user. Nicotine is an immune system suppressant; therefore, our physicians may recommend alternative therapies instead of Regenerative Medicine for patients currently using nicotine products including vaping.
  • If you have a personal history of cancer. We decline to utilize Regenerative Medicine as it has the potential to do more harm than good in a cancer-stricken environment. “Please consult with your physician if you have questions or concerns”

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