Ozone IV

Oxygen is crucial for our survival, but it also causes destruction. The respiratory process in our cells creates oxygen free radicals that damage our cellular enzymes and DNA. These free radicals play a role in aging and metabolic disorders such as atherosclerosis and blood sugar abnormalities. In nature ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen species that is synthesized in the stratosphere to protect us from excessive UV radiation. This colorless gas is harmful when a person inhales it, leading to lung and throat irritation. So, what therapeutic effect does this have in our blood and bodies? A lot actually!

Ozone IV is started by a clinician withdrawing your own blood, infusing it with ozone, then dripping it back into your veins via IV. Some beneficial therapeutics of Ozone IV include acute and chronic infectious disease from bacteria, virus, or fungi, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic ulcers, osteoarthritis, chronic pain and many more. Many of our clients enjoy its body and mind optimization benefits such as increased energy and concentration.

How does ozone create its therapeutic effect? Ozone causes minimal damage to cellular membranes creating lipid oxidation products (LOPs) and some reactive oxygen species (ROS). These LOPs reach all organs, particularly the bone marrow and central nervous system to send messages of oxidative stress to activate antioxidants and the immune system. Over the course of several ozone therapies, research has shown an adaptation of the red blood cells to be more efficient at oxygen delivery and maintaining an increased amount of antioxidant enzymes. Blood exposed to ozone undergoes a transitory oxidative stress absolutely necessary to active biological functions without detrimental effects. The stress must be adequate but not excessive to overwhelm the intracellular antioxidant system and cause damage. Summed up, the ozone causes minimal damage to our blood cells which causes an increased production of antioxidants and stimulates the immune system.